Ray Grech - Bio

Ray Grech is an expressive lead guitarist and vocalist in demand for his inspired performances of rock classics. Known for wowing audiences with his powerful guitar solos from legendary artists such as Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, David Gilmore and Jimmy Page.

Playing Fender, Gretsch, Gibson and Maton guitars Ray gives audiences a full and authentic experience of the original artists. 

Lead guitarist for:

Angela Fabian Band


Tyson Colman Band


Tribute Show

Aretha Franklin Tribute Show 2018 -  Angela Fabian Band

Major Festivals

  • Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Fest 2020 - Angela Fabian Band
  • Surfers Paradise Live 2018 and 2019 - The Waves
  • Blues On Broadbeach 2018 - Angela Fabian Band
  • Groundwater Festival 2018 - Tyson Colman Band
  • Frankston Music Festival 2018 - Angela Fabian Band
  • Agnes Blues and Roots Festival 2017 - Angela Fabian Band
  • Blues on Broadbeach 2017 - The Waves
  • Wintersun 2003 to 2008 - Conspiracy
  • Under the Stars 2001 - Conspiracy
  • Wintersun 1998 to 2000 - The Chevrolets

Supporting Performances

Brian Cadd (1997) 

Daryl Braithwaite (2001)

Doug Parkinson (2016) 

Studio recordings

Angela Fabian Band   

Album: 'Arms Open Wide' recorded at Joe's Garage Studio™, and Paul Cheeseman Studio.

Music written by Ray Grech: Bullshitalonia, Trapped Like Mozart, Someone Else. 

Music played by Ray Grech:  all tracks except Arms open wide.

Tyson Colman Band  

Album: 'From Now On' recorded at Kross Kut Studios. 

Guitar solos and fills written and performed by Ray Grech: Shines Like Gold, You Know Ya Wanna, Gonna Get Me A Cowgirl, From Now On. 

Album: 'Breaking Free' recorded at Kross Kut Studios.

Guitar solos and fills played by Ray Grech for: Breaking Free, Rockabilly Friday Night, King of The Saddle

The Chevrolets

Album: 'Rockin' In The Hall' recorded at Sherwell Recording Studios, mastered by Oracle Records.

Music and backing vocals by Ray Grech: all tracks

Album: 'Black & Whites' recorded at Grevillea Studios

Music played by Ray Grech on all tracks

Music written by Ray Grech: Black & Whites, Shakin' That Tush